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Starting its operations in the year 1974 as the Nation’s premier private sector IT service provider, IDM has rendered its services to the nation for well over 4 decades. From its inception IDM has had a long term vision of contributing effectively in its capacity towards a knowledge based society.

IDM Matara Campus IDM Achievers International Campus

The secret behind this legendary company has always been passionate workmanship. At IDM it is always about Innovation, Professionalism at work, proceeding towards Excellence. The dedication from the bottom up hierarchy has taken IDM to greater heights.

The IDM group operates over 25 branches island wide, covering all of the provinces of Sri Lanka, providing education and training in ICT, Business and many other fields. We now offer over 150 different courses in a number of different fields. To date IDM has donated over 10000 graduates to the country, other than several hundred thousands of Diploma and certificate holders. Our choices of programs span from kindergarten to Master’s Degree programs. IDM with its broader vision and dedicated workmanship has laid the 1st step in developing an international Sri Lankan brand, working towards the development of a knowledge based society.

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  • Business Management
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  • Education & Language


The Unchallenged Pioneer in Higher Education

We are the 1st Private Sector ICT training Institute in Sri Lanka. Established in 1974 IDM is known as the “Nations ICT Academy” in the industry. Having our presence in the industry as a training partner to all sectors, IDM has been able to cater to the needs in higher education, whether it be absolute beginners or professionals seeking skills training.

Excellence and Experience in Education

The 4 decades of experience we carry along with us in the higher education sector, especially in ICT, headed by a very senior leadership. We employ some of the most experienced people in the industry. Our trainers have trained people from all walks, produced thousands of professionals, setting benchmarks in the industry. We consider this as one of our core strengths in the training sector.

Delivered Locally, Recognized Globally

We are the 1st in Sri Lanka to Introduce Certain Foreign Qualifications including, British Computer Society (BCS), Australian Computer Society (ACS), Pearson EDEXCEL and NCC Education – UK. Having closely worked with the industry, and bringing in global education to local students, IDM has pioneered the way forward in getting international recognition to talented students of Sri Lanka.

Bridging Dreams and Realities

We have awarded degrees and masters qualifications to over 10,000 students and over 400,000 students have obtained certificate and diploma qualifications from IDM, making an immense contribution to the Global Knowledge Based work force. IDM has produced numerous professionals who are occupying key positions in many multi-national companies. We strongly believe that our strong alumnus has always been our strength.

Why It Works

To be the best national provider of educated and skilled professionals to the global knowledge economy.

The global Sri Lankan, building a knowledge based network, eliminating digital poverty, creating individuals and making professionals in the knowledge based society to satisfy the global demand for knowledge workers


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we have engaged with many foreign education bodes to bring global recognition for you.