Faculty of Business Management

Diploma in Business Management


Course Outline

The aim of this program is to prepare students for the business marketplace and a career in management with an understanding of business management theory and practice. Students will be introduced to the areas of Business Organizations, Office Applications, Marketing, Quantitative Techniques for Business, Accounting and Finance, Human Resource Management, Employability and Information Systems. In addition to that, this program is to develop the knowledge and skills which will give you a better understanding of the world of business management and to be more responsive and effective in your current roles and progress your career. Students will have a deeper understanding of the various functional areas of business management as well as insights to issues faced in strategic, tactical and administrative management. This diploma is to provide an entry-level qualification for those students who are seeking a career or already working in an office or junior management role. This qualification also seeks to enable students to apply introductory business knowledge and management skills to a range of business processes.

Course Contents

Unit – 1 Understanding Business Organization

Unit – 2 Office Application for Business Executives

Unit – 3 Human Resource Management

Unit – 4 Employability & Professional Development

Unit – 5 English as a Life Skill

Unit – 6 Marketing

Unit – 7 Quantitative Techniques for Business

Unit – 8 Financial Accounting

Unit – 9 Information Systems in Organization


Course Duration & Fee

Full Time: 6 Months (Weekdays)

Part Time: 9 Months (Weekends)

Course Fee: 27500/=